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Produsen ( Manufacturing )

No Name Type Description Location Asset Value Contact
S-1006 BRANDED DETERGENT Cleaning Product Started to run this business in 1995 with capital 10 millions IDR, and get monthly income : 30 millions. Facing the crisis in 1998, company get into trouble and started to rise again until 2004 with revenue : 300 millions/month. With the help of the Bank capital, company grows 7 times for 6 years until 2010. Products : Dish Soap, Floor Cleaner, Hand Soap, Cleaning TIles, Softener, Carbolic, Clothing Stain remover, Bleach, Scouring Powder, Mirror Cleaner, Car Cleaner, 2 in 1 Shampoo, Body Foam, Cream Soap and COnditioner Jakarta Land, Building, Machineries, Ancillary Equipment, Vehicles, Inventory, Brand Products, Formulas, Customer Loyalty in Indonesia and Abroad, Direct Distribution 0 Milyar MR. FERY (0813 8000 3333)
S-10027 Food Suplement Producer Health Produsen bermerk, distribusi P. Jawa, ada fasilitas produksi, perijinan lengkap Contact : Mr. Fery Hartono Jabodetabek Data By Request 0 Juta 081380003333

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