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Corporate Plan Outsourcing ( CPO )


Every company shall prepare and implement the business plan to guide the organization  direction moving forward to achieve its positioning, goals and vision. When the business plan is already prepared, the management faces the challenge to implement and evaluate the progress and its results consistently. We are providing Business Plan as well as Corporate Planning Outsourcing to facilitate independently the implementation and review of your company business plan. CPO Service value is :

  • Consistent & Independent Driven
  • Challenge the Progress & Progress Achievement
  • Plan Do Check Action (PDCA) Facilitator
  • Board of Director Advisor

CPO Outcome :

  • Organize the Corporate / Business Plan Review
  • Preparing the Performance Summary & Analysis to Board of Directors
  • Facilitating Progress & Results of Action Plan for Corporate & Business Level
  • Analysis & Benchmarking Support
  • Problem Solving in Business Issues
  • Independent advisory and suggestion
  • Motivating Middle Management
  • Building the Top & Middle Management
  • Sharpen Corporate and Business Plan Breakthrough



Business System Outsourcing ( BSO )


Most of company already develop and implement the business process and management system to ensure the achievement performance in such standard like Quality, H ealth & Environment, Food Safety etc.

The real challenge of company is implementing consistently and continual improvement. Most of company faced the stagnancy of the business process implementation to achieve continual improvement. The other challenge is to have talent and competent people in motivating the spirit of continual improvement in the company.

The Business System Outsourcing (BSO) Service value is :

  • Competent People in Business System
  • Responsible to manage & update the Business System
  • Drive Independently to implement Business System
  • Drive Continual Improvement
  • Facilitating the Internal Audit & Corrective Action
  • Performance Report to Board of Director

BSO Service Outcome :

  • Updating Company Business System
  • Review and Integrating Business System
  • Briefing to respective people regarding the Updating of Business System
  • Refreshing the Awareness of Standard
  • Motivating People to use and work work follow Business System
  • Facilitating Internal Audit Program
  • Facilitating Corrective Action
  • Driving the Continual Improvement
  • Facilitating the Management Review
  • Reporting the Performance of Business System Implementation
  • Improve the Effectiveness of Business System Implementation
  • Supporting in automate Business System using IT application



Business Operator Outsourcing ( BOO )


In global business environment, the business owners do not have to operate their business investment. The varies of business natures need to be managed by talent and competent team to ensure the performance achievement.

We are developing BOO from specific business to be the partner of business owners in managing their company. BOO Service value is :

  • Proven experienced in industry
  • Having professional and team
  • Having management tools & system
  • Having board of advisory as thinker team
  • Having integrity to operate the business
  • Focusing to achieve the business plan performance
  • Having Key Performance Indicators for evaluation

BOO Services Outcome :

  • Managing the Business
  • Achieving the Business Plan
  • Operating the Business Process
  • Managing the People & Organization
  • Managing the Supply Chain
  • Sustaining the Business Growth
  • Preparing the Budgeting & Investment

BOO Service Focus & Development :

  • Professional Services :
    • Consulting Firm
    • Certification Body
    • Training Center
  • Education Services
  • Food Industry & Services



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