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Business Excellence started on 31 January 2000 to provide consulting and training for Business Process Mapping comply with  varies of International Standard & business requirements. We also delivered Strategic Management Consulting through In-House Workshop for customization and establisment of client's management
By the end of 2004, we transformed to become Business Transformation Management Consulting to transform the positioning, differentiation & culture through Alignment from Strategy to Business Process, Behavior and People Performance Management. We also build the synergy collaboration with major player IT Company in CRM & ERP to deliver Change Management Services.
We also provided the in-house workshop in Strategy, Business Process and People soft skill.

During 2008, we accommodated the market opportunities to set up the intermediary for selling & buying business. We entered the different pathway in selling & buying company. We also developed the approach for Goodwill Valuation to advise the client in defining the selling price of their business. We operated two business unit in consulting and brokerage services.

Entering 2012, we consolidate to become Business Excellence Services which is delivering the differences as Integrated Business Services, therefore, our consulting services focus on providing regeneration, transformation, goodwill improvement,  turnaround and post merger & acquisition. Our training focus on applied workshop in strategy, process, soft skill and also improvement program. Our brokerage enables client to sell and buy the business under our Advisory. Goodwill Valuation also help client to obtain reasonable selling price. Outsourcing service starts from implementing business system to operating the business.



Consulting will assist Client in sharpening the Business Strategy, Processes and People Alignment. Developing and Implementing the Business Blue Print is our concern for our cCients. We also offer the new business services in M&A ( Merger & Acquisition ) especially in Postmerger Integration & Alignment ( PIA ) services.



Training will focus on In-House Workshop, Applied Workshop and Improvement Program that can be taylored to Client Need and Expectation. One of basic need in company is Supervisory Improvement Program that we designed to create higher value more than training.



Brokerage is focusing on Selling and Buying Business / Company intermediary and also assisting to perform Goodwill Valuation before Client offering the business to Investors. We are still assisting Client in Business Advsory to Client starting from offering and selecting Investor, negotiating and transaction. 



Business System Outsourcing ( BSO ) services is our innovation to help Clients in implementing Business System to support the Company Performance achievement. We concern to your focus on your business growth, therefore, we put the position as your partner to ensure the Business System Compliance and Effectiveness. BSO Services will keep your business in lean organization with high effectiveness.


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