Why Us ?

When the business wants to sustain in the market place, some pathway of business shall be understood and adopted to sustain the business growth.  Business Excellence Services already consolidated and  crystallized to become business pathway as follows :
  • Consulting
  • Brokerage
  • Outsourcing

The Shareholder and Management of business shall take consideration to choose and use according to the need and condition of business performance. Business Excellence Services developed a unique differentiation of business among the common consulting services. This consolidation established after 12 years we served the client from global, private and government business in varies of industries such manufacturing, services, infrastructures and resources. To have a common understanding with, herewith the explaination of our differentiation of services. What we perform all about business.



We already provided professional services started from Design & Development of new business/company, Transforming the existing business to New Differentiation and Vision, Accelerating the Business Process using Application Technology.  Our experienced in assisting more than 200 projects in Global & Local Company will give Positive Value and Impact to services benefit. We combine the methodology for  down to earth services through Survey, Consulting, Workshop, Coaching and Auditing 



Business Design & Development

This service is focus on the New Business of Client. This Design & Development will lead Client to make a Strategic Decision in New Investment, Partnership and Colaboration. Therefore, this service deliver consists of Visioning, Differentiation & Positioning, Market Analysis, Goals Setting & Projection, Strategy Map & Balanced Scorecard, Organization Design, Critical Business Process, Man Power Planning and Financial Projection and Return as well as Recommendation in Investment & Partnership.

Business Transformation 
Sustainability needs managing the Change of Business to build a New Differentiation among the competition. The transformation will define the new value of Business Delivery, therefore, we shall define the Market Focus and Profit Zone to become our Centre of Transformation of our Products, Services, Organization Design, People Competencies as well as Behavior and also the Infrastructure Needed. Business Transformation will be driven by the Current Performance of Client Business such as Growing, Maturing, Declining or Turn Around. 
Business Technology
When Customers of our Client required a better products/services delivery such Quality, On Time Delivery, Good Services then the Client shall identify how high their Value Delivery to Customers compare to Competitors. In this case, the technology of application shall contribute to make Faster Response, Organize Data Base, Fast Transaction Lead Time and Consistency of Service Delivery. The application such CRM, ERP and SCM and Business Intelligence will be needed to solve and fulfill the Customer Needs. Client shall consider the Content of Business Strategy, Business Processes and also Change Management of people as inputs and managing the Implementation of Application Technology.
Merger & Acquisition
We are designing the holistic services for Post Acquisition by aligning the policy, strategic direction and priorities, business plan, organization structure, business processes and also the performance management. The people mindset and leadership shall be coached to ensure the achievement of business performance. This Post Integration & Alignment ( PIA ) Services will lead your successful Merger & Acquisition for your business growth.
All the Business Owners and Management aware that people in organization will contribute significantly in achieving the Business Performance. We provided the In-House learning consist of :
Workshop ( Strategy, Business Process and People )
This In-House Workshop will give Understanding, Mindset Changing,  Experienced for Participants within Client Company to upgrade their Knowledge, Skill and Behavior. The In-House Workshop scope is more in Strategy Thinking, compliance to International standard of Management, House Keeping, softskill such as Leadership, Motivation, Mindset Alignment, Supervisory and Service Excellence.
Applied Workshop
We already indentified deeper the Client's need to develop the unique outcome of the In-House Workshop that will be direct benefits to business. We designed the Applied Workshop within 6 – 12 days to build understanding and customize development of their Visioning, Business Analysis, Business Plan and Business Process Mapping and also House-Keeping Improvement. This Applied In-House Workshop already delivered in many Clients to give maximum benefits with reasonable budget.
Improvement Program
Our new frontier in designing the Improvement Program for Supervisory that will combined between Knowledge & Skill Upgrading and also customize Supervisory Guidance using field coaching in Client Organization. This approach will take 4-6 months program since we deliver close loop of services from Initial Assessment of People and end with Post Assessment to monitor the real improvement of your Supervisor Level.
To obtain the faster business growth, we provided the intermediary for Selling and  Buying Business / Company that is demanding in global business. We also assist Client to value their Goodwill for their offering to investors. Our experienced in assisting Business Consulting contributes to advise the Client in defining their Goodwill for Business Offering & Negotiation.
Selling Business
Intermediary in website for Business Owners who want to sell their company. We always remind Client to follow the Business Ethics in Selling & Buying Company to their benefits. We help you to publish the offering of Business /Company in our website. 
Buying Business
The Investors who want to seek the Business or Company in Indonesia or Overseas can publish in our website. This facilities is free of charge but our Customer service will control the content to comply with Business Ethics and our Policy.
Business Advisory
Client who wants to seek the Investor or Company can use our Business Advisory for Selection, Coordinatation,  Arrangement and Negotiation. The Professional Fee will be proposed base on the scope of services.
Goodwill Valuation
We also helped Clients to define the Goodwill Value of the Company before offering to Investors. We already designed the comprehensive approach to measure quantitatively the Goodwill of Company. It will be combined with Tangible Assets of Company for offering to Investors.
We understood the concerning of Client in maintaining the business       compliance to system.  The Unique Skill of people who escorts the Management System within organization, becomes the Challenge of Management in Selecting, Developing and Retaining. To cope with your need in maintaining the Business compliance to System, we designed the Business System Oursourcing ( BSO ) Services.
Business System Outsourcing ( BSO ) Services
We focus on the market niche in industries who concern to work with System but they have a limitation of people and also want to keep the Lean Organization. This BSO Services becomes the prefered service to maintain and improve their Business System. This BSO Services will focus on the Business Plan Implementation and Business Process Implementation.


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