Business Excellence Assessment

When the managements would like to measure the total performance of their company, world class organization criteria already adopted by most global companies. The criteria of performance excellence such as Business Excellence Model for European and USA company can be used as tools for performance excellence measurement. We provide the Business Excellence Assessment since we were assisting a lot of companies in Business Transformation Management that improved from vision, strategy, business process, behavior and people performance management to enable the performance results achieved by clients. Our experienced in BTM will be a foundation to help client in assessing their Business Excellence Criteria. This assessment is much more valuable than international certification management system standard such ISO9001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 22000, ISO 14001 etc, since we assessment from the business point of view down to the operation and people management.

The service scope of Business Excellence Assessment consist of:

  • Stage ONE       :   Briefing of Business Excellence Model or Malcolm Baldrige Performance Excellence Criteria
  • Stage TWO       :   Desktop Assessment of Management System Documentation
  • Stage THREE  :   Field Performance Excellence Assessment
  • Stage FOUR    :   Reporting and Recommendation for Business & Management Improvement

The assessment needs times of management system implementation and recording before we will assessment both the documentation and its execution as well as the results achievement. The managements shall have understanding regarding the criteria, approach, preparation and commitment for implementation in the beginning stage. The project manager shall be appointed to lead and manage the adoption and implementation of business excellence criteria throughout the organization.

Consulting Approach
Briefing, Assessment, Analysis, Reporting, Recommendation and Presentation


  • Understanding of Business Excellence Criteria ( European Business Excellence Model or USA Malcolm Baldrige )
  • Compliance of Management System Documentation according to business excellence criteria
  • Compliance of Management System Implementation according to business excellence criteria
  • Achievement Results of Strategy, Business Process, People Management to operate the business achieving the Vision
  • Customer, Supplier and Business Partner Perception & Satisfaction
  • Scoring of Business Excellence Criteria for your business unit / company

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