Business Merger & Acquisition

Focus on Postmerger Integration & Alignment ( PIA )

Since Merger & Acquistion is going to become the new trend setting in Indonesia. The potential challenge for New Management is aligning the Business System and Organization Culture Alignment.

We will  assist to build understanding among the Management Team according to Corporate Policy and Culture of the Maturity Shareholder. Surely, the existing capability and culture shall be considered as an assets of the New Company. The integration and alignment shall focus on the Corporate & Business Policy & Strategy, the Business Processes and the Behavior People within Organization. Our  expertise and systematic approach using Consulting, Organization Assessment, Workshop and Coaching will bring into the New Management Landscape of Business System for Strategy Execution. The New Behavior shall be identified according to Corporate Policy and cascade to lower level of Organization. Understanding of Local People Mindset and Behavior is very critical to enable successful Merger & Acquisition. It takes months of adjustment in Organization with New Corporate Policy & Culture. The ability to manage the Change Management needs strong and appropriate Leadership Style. Successful indication of M&A is achieving the Business Indicators through established organization and effectiveness Management System.

We will deliver Key Mile Stone of PIA as follows :

  • Capturing the New Policy & Strategies
  • Gap Analysis to existing Capabilities & Culture
  • Integrating Business Policy & Strategies
  • Aligning the Business Processes Implementation
  • People Mindset Alignment
  • Coaching for Leaders Achievement
  • Review & Improvement of PAI


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