Together with IT Implementer Partners, we designed the Service Integration between Business Consulting and CRM/ERM/SCM Implementation to maximize the your investment of IT Application. This Service Integration is to accelerate the speed, consistency, documentation of your business processes in order to execute the strategy and transaction with customers as well as back office. The website of your business are the window for market to know your products, services, facilities, track records, business transaction and order/project monitoring, therefore, we also help clients to design the website for strategy execution and improving your business image. To ensure your developing and launching phase successful, we provide business services align with your Business Technology as follows:

Service Integration Package
Why don't you think that your IT Investment in CRM/ERP/SCM can absorb both strategy & transaction purpose ? Business Excellence Consulting created breakthrough service integration between Business Consulting & IT Application Implementation. We arranged the mutual partnership with IT Application Implementer to synergy the services for maximum client's benefits. Most of IT Implementation only capture the need of business transaction and they don't think and care about the need of business strategy execution and results, therefore, we take initiative in service integration for each industry. Our Truly-Series Package is purposed for each uniqueness in your business nature. Our business partner in IT Implementation is the business partners of SAP, Microsoft, Oracle etc
 Customized Service Integration
In some clients who need customized services between business consulting activities such as improving the business processes and continue to implementation the IT application, we are pleased to prepare the customized service integration together with our IT business partners. The alignment of business strategy to IT application shall be one of target in improving your business performance. The need of technology to accelerate your business processes is mandatory for business landscape nowadays. It will be one of your strategic investment in improving your Service Level Agreement (SLA) to your customers and improving your competitiveness. The need of top management to measure the business performance using business intelligence as your further stage of CRM/ERP/SCM implementation shall be considered in assisting the decision making process of business.

TRULY - CRM Package


The needs of business owners to obtain the maximum investment in technology applications by achieving the business performance and strategy execution results. We understood well the business owners way of thinking, therefore, we continue to prepare the package of service integration between business strategy, business process improvement and performance management and executing through technology application such CRM, ERP, SCM, Website etc. One of the dangerous in technology application investment is about BUDGETING, we are helping our business owners to define the maximum investment of technology application with high performance results.


The service scope of TRULY-CRM Package is :
  •      Stage ONE    : Sharpening your business strategy
  •      Stage TWO    : Aligning Business Process to strategy
  •      Stage THREE : Implementing CRM/ERP/SCM for strategy execution & business transaction
  •      Stage FOUR : Management Review & Evaluation

The above stages are the generic stages of our service integration package, the detail of each stage may different between each package such CRM, ERP and SCM due to its purpose. For more detail information, you can read each Truly-Series package

Consulting Approach
Workshop, Briefing, Analysis , Development , IT Implementation, Data migration, Go-Live and real transaction monitoring

  •      Having clear Balanced Scorecard Strategy Map related with each Truly-Series
  •      Having business process to capture strategy measurement
  •      Having CRM / ERP / SCM align with business processes
  •      Implementation of your balanced scorecard strategy and its business processes
  •      Implementation of CRM / ERP / SCM to achieve business performance and transaction purposed
  •      Improving business performance

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