Business Transformation


To improve your success in business growth, business transformation management will lead your business strategy sharpening, business rejuvenate, alignment from strategy to people behavior, balanced scorecard strategy map and personal scorecard development link to reward system. Business Transformation will be a new paradigm in management to focus on business strategy as umbrella to achieve business vision and goals. The functional management shall work properly to support the business strategy needed. The alignment is the key success for integrated management development and implementation.

Business Transformation Management ( BTM ) Implementation will be 6 stages of combination workshop, consulting and assessment with considering the customer and competitor behavior. The service scope of BTM Implementation cover :  

  •  Stage ONE          :     Profit Zone Analysis, Visioning and Value Discipline
  •  Stage TWO         :     Strategy Map, BSC, Action Plan & Organization Review
  •  Stage THREE    :     Effective Business Process
  •  Stage FOUR       :     Behavior Analysis
  •  Stage FIVE          :     Competency & Performance Management
  •  Stage SIX            :     BTM Preparation & Implementation Support

The sequences of each stage will bring the integrated management system to ensure the strategy execution link to people performance measurements. The commitment of client in people & time allocation and information support will contribute to make successful project.

Consulting Approach
Workshop, Consulting, Briefing, Auditing and Review


  • Establishment of Profit Zone of each Business Unit
  • Establishment of Visioning ( Mission, Core Value and Vision )
  • Establishment of Goals, Value Discipline and Strategy Theme
  • Establishment of Strategy Map and Balanced Scorecard and its action plan
  • Establishment of Organization to capture the Strategy needed
  • Establishment of Business Process link with Strategy
  • Compliance of Business Process and Procedures to industrial and international standard
  • Establishment of Behavior Needed of your Business
  • Establishment of Job Specification and Description
  • Establishment of Performance Management & Reward System
  • Understanding of your Key Middle Management regarding Strategy, Business Process and People Management Documentation
  • Effective implementation of strategy to achieve business goals & vision by reviewing progress of action plan
  • Effective implementation of business process in the field through testing, audit and corrective action support
  • Effective implementation of people management to motivate the people implementing strategy and business processes
  • Effective behavior alignment to strategy for culture building



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