Goodwill Valuation

Focus on the goodwill of your business
    So many companies have faced difficulties in valuing their In-Tangible Assets (Goodwill). How to define measurements and scoring regarding these value ? How high our Business Goodwill ? Normally, Business Owners need to know continually about their Business Goodwill since they will deal with Business Partner or Investors. The purpose of this Business Valuation focus on In-Tangible Assets (Goodwill) will enable company to add on the Goodwill on top of Tangible Assets. The Tangible Assets itself is simple to calculate since company always prepare Financial Report and we also can use property and equipment appraisal to have Value Figure.
We are focusing on Goodwill Valuation using combination of Management Tools and Financial Projection as well as valuing the Intellectual Properties. The nature of each business will lead a Different Strategic Parameters as key business success. These difficulties services became our business services that is supported by our experienced in Business Consulting. We designed the approach to determine the parameters for Goodwill and measure your existing performance and converting to be more quantitative for scoring purpose.
The service scope of Business Valuation consist of:
Stage ONE     : Assessment Business Plan & Performance
Stage TWO     : Assessment the Customer Perception from survey
Stage THREE     : Business Valuation Analysis  
Stage FOUR     : Reporting and Recommendation for Business Valuation
The assessment needs the disclosure of Client by providing the clear documentation, data and information. Business Valuation services needs close discussion with Business Owners and appointed Management in Company.  We will guide to conduct survey to customer to measure the customer perception to business or product performance and acceptance. As independent party, our Business Valuation report makes client easier to convince other party in business dealing.

Consulting Approach
Briefing, Assessment, Analysis , Reporting , Recommendation and Presentation
     Customer Perception
     Business Prospect
     Business Capabilities
     Goodwill Business Value
     Report and Recommendation

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